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"Maybe Next Year" is an acclaimed collection of indie rock holiday tracks from the Layaways.

O Christmas Tree -- preview mp3

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Press for Christmas music from the Layaways
"'s a smooth blend of indie folk tinged with just a bit shoegazey, psychedelic keyboard flourishes to make it sparkle. Perfect listening to accompany whatever holiday preparations you may be making today."
-- Bag of Songs

"...long time 3hivers The Layaways added seven new Christmas songs to their EP, which makes...a Christmas album! They infect a lovely version of 'Away in a Manger' with backwards guitar which adds a bit of psychedelia to [the] carol."
-- 3hive

"Hushed, lush, dreamy, tasteful, moody, shoegaze, dreampop, all these words come to mind when listening to Chicago's The Layaways. And now Christmas-y can be added to that list as the band have dipped their toes into the voluminous Christmas music ocean and immediately snagged something worth eating. Here it is, hope you've got your fork."
-- Sixeyes

"...this is honestly one of the best versions of 'Silent Night' I have ever heard. The drums and bass lay down a simple backbeat which allows for the main melody to be voiced on the guitar. The guitar tone is gorgeous and helps lend a dreamy feel to the song. You know what? I don't think my words could possibly do this song justice. Please go download it and listen to it for yourself -- this is a song that simply must be heard."
-- Free Christmas Music